TransCube 132 Gal. Double Wall Portable Fuel Tank 05TCG

nn- Capacity (Gallons) 132n- Capacity (Liters) xxxxxn- DOT US & Canadan- Length: 91″/Width: 91″/Height 52″n- Certified full load lifting eyesn- UN approved tankn- Tie down pointsn- Safe loading of Transcubes even when stackedn- Weight (Empty) 3576 lbs.nn
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  • Weight: 3576 lbs
  • Dimensions: 91 x 91 x 52 in
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The double-walled TRANSCUBETM 05TCG portable diesel fuel storage and transfer tank is ideal for  stand-by refueling for equipment, including construction heaters, generators, lighting towers, etc. The TRANSCUBETM TCG above ground fuel tanks simplify fuel handling, storage, and transportation.

  • Transportable. Full load lifting eyes, forklift pockets and internal baffles designed to allow handling of the tank full of fuel.
  • Stackable. Easily stackable (2)-high full of fuel and (3)-high empty to reduce storage space requirements.
  • Accessible. Access manway for maintenance and inspection of inner tank. Removable inner tank for servicing and cleaning.
  • Efficient. ENVIROconnect Equipment Cabinet locks and secures fuel equipment and fuel ports to run up to 3 pieces of diesel-powered equipment.
  • Environmentally Safe. Double-walled, 110% containment eliminates the need for spill pans, UL 142 approved.
  • Certified full load lifting eyes and UN approved tank.
  • Tie down points helps safe loading of Transcubes when stacked.
  • Internal baffles minimize fuel surge during transport.
  • 110% double wall (bunded) fuel tank.
  • Compact weather proof, lockable cabinet for housing manual or electric transfer pumps.
  • Removable feed and return dip pipes that makes the transcube a reliable standby tank.

TRANSCUBE™ fuel tanks are designed to quickly and efficiently handle fuel requirements for diesel equipment and temporary power applications. Constructed of Double Wall Steel, all TRANSCUBE™ tanks below carry the following approvals: CFR 49, Part 178, Sub-part N 178.700 (performance oriented standards) and Sub-part O 178.800 (testing requirements for IBC’s identified in Sub-part N); UL 142 Listed for safe storage of fuel. In Canada, TRANSCUBE™ tanks are ULC S 601 approved for the stationary storage of fuel, comply with CSA-B139 (ON), are Transport Canada approved to CAN CGSB 43.146-2002 for transport full and comply with ‘Transportation of Dangerous Goods’ Regulations (Canada) – Section 5. All TRANSCUBE™ fuel tanks are supported by our Platinum 5 Year Warranty.

– Capacity (Gallons) 132
– Capacity (Liters) xxxxx
– DOT US & Canada
– Length: 91″/Width: 91″/Height 52″
– Certified full load lifting eyes
– UN approved tank
– Tie down points
– Safe loading of Transcubes even when stacked
– Weight (Empty) 3576 lbs.

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Weight: 3576 lbs
Dimensions: 1
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