Gradeblade Squeegee Blades for Backhoes and Excavators to 8 ton


– Converts 12″ to 36″ Buckets to Grading Tool
– Slips over the bucket teeth, Chain Binder included
– Weld-on anchor to back of bucket for chain binder
– Optional Welded-on Cutting Edge  $120
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Slide on a  GRADEBLADE Squeegee Blade (with wings, also see Crumbing Blades) in just 60 seconds. These blades will shorten your work day, clean up a job site and save you money. GRADEBLADES fit every size bucket and any brand machine.  Forget about those shovels and rakes. Clean up your job quickly and professionally.
Gradeblades fit over the teeth  of your bucket, secured with a chain binder and easy weld-on tab included.

29″ Wide Model S601 Fits Buckets 12″ or 18″  34 lbs
34″ Wide Model S401 Fits Buckets 12″/18″/24″  36 lbs
40″ Wide Model S160 Fits Buckets 12″/18″/24″/30″  43 lbs
46″ Wide Model S102 Fits Buckets 12″/18″/24″/30’/36″  49 lbs
60″ Wide Model S201 Fits Buckets 12″/18″/24″/30’/36″  61 lbs
72″ Wide Model S301 Fits Buckets 12″/18″/24″/30’/36″  72 lbs

Order the Welded On Cutting Edge for only $120.

See also the Gradeblade Crumbing Blade. (similar but without wings).

Other Models available for excavators over 8 ton..

Made in the USA.

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