Screening Bucket for Skid Steer; 70 in Wide – PFM-700-30


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– Hydraulic Vibrator Screening Bucket for Skid Steers
–  7/8 Cubic Yard Capacity
– One Screen included with Bucket; Quick Screen Changes
– Additional Screens available 1/8″ sq. to 4″ sq.
– For skid steers w bidirectional auxiliary hydraulics
– Case Drain is required for seal warranty*

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– 7/8 Cubic Yard Capacity
– One Screen of your choice included
– 1/8″ sq. to 4″ sq. Screens Available here.
– Screens are Quick Change  and Replaceable
– For most skid steers with bidirectional auxiliary hydraulics
– Hydraulic Vibrator requires 13-16 gpm at 1500 psi
Hoses included, standard to skid steer
– Case Drain is required for seal warranty*
– High Carbon Bucket Blade, Optional Tooth Bar
– Control Shake with Adjustable Flow
– Delivered Field Ready
– Weight: 1170 lbs
– Made in USA. Shipping  from Kalida OH
Please indicate your desired free screen size when ordering.
Prices shown are if you are ordering additional screens from
The following Screens are available for purchase here.
VSB-0084 – 1/8” screen $490
VSB-0085 – ¼” screen $490
VSB-0086 – 3/8” screen $490
VSB-0087 – ½” screen $490
VSB-0088 – ¾” screen $490
VSB-0089 – 1” screen $490
VSB-0102 – 1 ¼” screen $490
VSB-0090 – 1 ½” screen $490
VSB-0091 – 2” screen $490
VSB-0092 – 2 ½” screen $490
VSB-0093 – 3” screen $577
VSB-0094 – 3 ½” screen $577
VSB-0095 – 4” screen $577
Ideal for landscaping, farms, industrial uses, golf courses, baseball fields, beaches and more
• Screen dirt, gravel, sand, demolition debris, large rocks and other materials
• Fits most skid steer loaders with bi-directional auxiliary hydraulics

Quick-change replaceable screen cloth available in various opening sizes
• Simple, rugged design results in minimum downtime for service and maintenance
The PFM Vibratory Screening Bucket is ideal for commercial and residential landscaping,farms, industrial uses, golf course, baseball fields, beaches and many other applications. It willscreen dirt, gravel, sand, demolition debris, large rocks and many other materials. By screening and compacting at the site, contractors can prepare sub-grade surfaces. Utility and trenching contractors can screen bedding material. Useful for digging, loading, and carrying materials after unwanted fines have been removed. The quick-change replaceable screen cloth is available in various sizes of openings and made of long lasting, high carbon alloy steel. The hydraulic vibrator provides power to shake heavy materials. An adjustable flow divider with pressure relief valve allows fine tuning of vibrator speed to match the hydraulics of the skid loader. Investment in a PFM Vibratory Screening Bucket will greatly increase the speed of any type of rubble or rock type material screening, whether it is an agricultural, industrial, commercial or landscaping operation.
*A hydraulic case drain is required on your carrier. A case drain will help prevent blown seals by eliminating excessive hydraulic oil back pressure. Not all skid steers have a case drain.  ​If​ no case drain is present, the PFM Screening Bucket may be ordered/operated with no warranty on seals… the operator needs to idle ​the skid steer before and after activating the screening motor to reduce the chance of blowing a seal. If a seal is blown, the​n it is recommend​ed to cap off ​un-needed lines and attach a case drain, no warranty will apply.

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Weight: 1170 lbs
Dimensions: Please contact us by phone or click Get Quote for shipping.
Shipping Price: $690 (Per Item)
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