Amulet Hoeclamp for Case 580B, C, D and E Backhoes – standard & extendable


For CASE Backhoes (others too)
– 580B, 580D, 580C Std. & Extendable: MC558AW
– 580D, 580E Std. & Extendable: Model MC588W
– 9007B, CX5: Model ML16BW
– 9010B, CX130 and CX135: Model MC91AW
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HOECLAMP: Mechanical, Non-hydraulic, Full-Motion, Pin-On Thumb for CASE Backhoes, standard and extandable

mechanical thumb

The patented Amulet Hoeclamp mechanical thumb utilizes the main pin of your bucket. Not a rigid thumb, Hoeclamp works in conjunction with your bucket, and is repositionable to accommodate digging when needed, and stores out of the way on the dipper stick when not in use. Hoeclamp opens and closes as you uncurl and curl your bucket. The Hoeclamp is easy to install in less than an hour.

Works on many telescopic sticks. The Hoeclamp is especially handy for backhoes with telescopic sticks – does not effect the extension or retraction.

Hoeclamp pins out-of-the-way for standard digging.

– For digging & grasping
– Heat treated pins
– Installs in under 2 hours
– 1 ¼” thick arms, kidney-link makes operational
– 2 Year warranty
– 100% Made in USA

Full-Motion Thumb. No Hydraulics needed.
– Opens and closes with your bucket curl motion
– Pins out of the way for standard digging mode
– Easy to install in less than an hour.

With the ability to grasp, dig and be stored away when not in use, the Amulet HoeClamp is a must for ultimate backhoe versatility. For construction, rock handling, land clearing, demolition and excavation projects, the HoeClamp cannot be beat for the cost.

The clamping action of the Hoeclamp, offering full clamp movement without requiring any additional hydraulics is achieved through our patented “Kidney Link” design, eliminating the need for additional hoses, valves, and cylinders used in conventional hydraulic clamping devices. The Hoeclamp is quick and easy to install, basically maintenance free, and is easy to place in a stored position when the clamping action is not required, thereby, protecting the dipper from damage. The Hoeclamp includes everything needed for complete installation: Clamp, new Main Pin, 2 Kidney Links, new Guide Links and 4 Link Pins. In addition, all milled holes have replaceable tension bushings, with pins made of a heat treated hardened alloy. The Amulet Hoeclamp is heavy duty and built to last. A Hoeclamp will usually pay for itself on the first job. Most jobs currently performed with a bucket alone can be accomplished faster, easier, and cheaper with the Hoeclamp.

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