HEATCONEX Flameless Containerized Heater

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– Custom Designed Models by Equipmentland
– Can total <10,000 lbs. for helicopter use
– Up to 2.8 Million BTU per container
– Fork pockets and lifting eyes. Can be air lifted.
– Fuel Tank on board and/or Connections for remote tank
– Electrical Options: 110V/20A; Four 110V grounded plugs
– Four overhead lights, either 110V or 12V

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Containerized Flameless Industrial Heater

The HeatConex, is a custom application designed and available exclusively by Equipmentland – a containerized industrial heater, containing one or two patented Therm Dynamics flameless diesel heaters, an on-board fuel tank, overhead lights, electrical plugs and optional ducting. Available in custom configurations, the HeatConex is a highly efficient and extremely safe producer of large volumes of heat, and complies with OSHA regulations on oil fields. It’s an ideal heating solution for oil wells, construction sites, fuel farms, mines, airports and anywhere else fire safety is a concern and ultimate reliability is needed.

The HeatConex can be ordered with one or more patented ThermDynamics Heat Modules (THDM). It is an enclosed steel box with an internal combustion (flameless) diesel engine, heat capture devices and controls that outputs heat and high air volume. Numerous models deliver up to 1+Million BTU each, with airflows above 6,000 cubic feet per minute and static pressure allowing up to 100 feet of ducting. BTU specifications are actual measured output BTUs which is more accurate than BTUs calculated by the amount of fuel consumed, the method used by most other heater manufacturers who actually deliver only around 80% efficiency often.

 These heaters incorporate ThermDynamics’s patented method of converting the diesel engine’s output torque to heat and capturing the other heat byproducts of the engine’s combustion from the heads, exhaust, and cooling system, providing a totally flameless heater. The diesel engine, heat capture devices and spark-less alternator are enclosed in an insulated steel cabinet with sealed bypassing access doors. Clean heated air is delivered directly from the unit’s 20″ discharge ports and through attachable flex ducting. Intake air can be from fresh air or re-circulated. The TDHM provides 24-hour, trouble-free operation.

The HeatConex containerized industrial heater is available in your choice of BTU and air volume output. An advantage of ordering a HeatConex containerized industrial heater with two TDHM modules is that two heat modules provide redundancy for safety, plus the CFM airflow is doubled. HeatConex units are manufactured exclusively for Equipmentland customers. More information follows the model descriptions below. Order early because the HeatConex is built-to-order and takes approximately 120 days lead time. Customization is possible.

Please address any questions you have to Jeff Dayne at Equipmentland.

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