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– Fuel Transfer System (FTS)-
– Tank Size: 110 Gallons
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The Pro 110 Gallon Industrial gas tank trailer has a 25′ hose reel, maneuvering the nozzle to the vehicle being fueled is quick and easy. Operators only need to pull out the length needed and begin fueling. The spring retractable reel easily recoils the hose. The Pro Industrial comes equipped with a heavy duty, lockable control box. The control box houses all the main components of the rig, including the pump, meter, hose reel, grounding reel, and electronics.

Most transfer tanks or tanks used on inferior built fuel trailers are not designed for refueling, but instead only to transport non-flammable liquids or diesel. The refueling tanks used with this fuel trailer is DOT approved for transport and refueling while the refueling tank is still in or attached to the transporting vehicle. Approved for aviation fuel including AVGAS or kerosene grade (Jet A).

Plus, the tanks are DOT approved for flammables such as gasoline, avgas, and kerosene while still being able to be used with non-flammables and diesel. Transporting hazardous material such as flammable liquid is a task that should not be conducted without the right equipment.

Aviation Pump

– GPI 15 gpm 12v Aviation Rated Pump
– Use with aviation gasoline (AVGAS 100LL) or kerosene grade (JET A)
– Works with gasoline, ethanol blends, diesel, and kerosene
– UL Listed
– Aluminum Construction

Aviation Meter

– GPI 5 – 30 gpm flow rate Aviation Rated Meter
– Designed for use with personal aircraft
– Resettable large number display for easy gallons pumped flow reading
– Separate cumulative gallons pumped total for life time accounting


Model Name: Pro 110 Industrial FTS
Tank Size: 110 Gallons
Tank Material: Aluminum
Fuel Types: Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene, Ethanol Blends, Avgas, Jet A
Dimensions: 90″ length x 48″ width x 48″ height (total footprint)
Empty Weight: 600 Pounds (varies with options)
Trailer Material: Aluminum
Wheels: 12″ x 4″ Size, 5 x 4.5 Bolt Pattern, Polished Aluminum
Tires: ST145/R12 Radial
Hitch: 2″ Ball
Tow Adapter: 7-Pin
Lights: LED
Flow Rate: 25 GPM
Meter: Mechanical, Resettable
Filter: 30 Micron Particulate
Nozzle: 1″ Auto Shutoff
Fuel Hose: 50′ x 1″ Retractable Reel
Grounding Cable: 50′ Retractable Reel
Voltage and Type: 12 Volt DC
Pump Draw: 35 Amps
Battery: Size 29 (sold separately), Interstate Deep Cycle Recommended


– Fuel Transfer System (FTS)-
– Tank Size: 110 Gallons
– 50 foot hose
– GPI 15 gpm 12v Aviation Rated Pump
– Designed for use with aviation gasoline
– (AVGAS 100LL) or kerosene grade (JET A)
– Gasoline, ethanol blends, diesel, kerosene
– UL Listed/Aluminum Construction
– 600 lbs (depending on options)
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