Therm Dynamics Flameless Airline Heat Cart TD500-GSE

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– Stand-Alone Flameless Airline Heat Cart
– Clean Dry Heat for aircraft, hangars and ground support equipment._
– Choice of Engines
– Fuel: Gasoline / Diesel / Jet-A Fuel
– Output: 575,000 BTU; CFM: 5,000+
– Static Pressure: 20 inches,Temp 180 degrees F
– Fuel Capacity: 78 Gallons, 4.3 GPH

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TD500-GSE Flameless Heater Patented Airline Heat Cart
for Airports and Tarmacs by Therm Dynamics

The TD 500 GSE “Flameless” Airline Heat Cart represents over 18 years of field experience, operating 24/7 in extreme conditions in the Gas & Oil Industry. The same safe flameless heat technology demanded by insurers and site safety managers in these “extreme explosive environments” is now available for the airline industry.

The TD 500-GSE (Heat Cart) is compact, completely portable and safe- providing Clean Dry Heat for aircraft, hangars and ground support equipment. It represents the “next generation” in portable heat technology.

RELIABLE: 18 years of proven performance in the harshest conditions
SIMPLE: Few moving parts and intelligently designed
EFFICIENT: Huge, real fuel savings versus indirect fired flamed heaters. (40%)
SAFE: Flameless heat is captured from the diesel engine and a patented low pressure hydraulic fluid heat plate
CERTIFIED: Therm Dynamics heaters are certified to CSA/UL standards
DURABLE: Expectations are for over 12,000 hours of dependable service
– Fuel Injected Gasoline Industrial 6 Cylinder 4.9 Liter (300 Cid) OHV 4 Stroke
– Ford V6 3.7 Liter Gasoline Engine
– CAT 4.4 Tier 3 Stage 111A Emissions Diesel Engine
– CAT 3.4 Tier 4 Final Diesel Engine
– Height: 61″
– Width: 53″
– Length: 113“
– Weight, empty: 4,100 lbs.

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