Rock Picking and Rock Sifting Arena Bucket, variable – Versa Rake


Adjustable, add or delete rods to change screening
– 28 replaceable screening bars. Screen down to 1/2″
– Not vibratory, just jostle load and strain the material
– Models for Skid Steers, Minis and Tractor 3 point
– Useful for removing rock, debris, not a digging bucket
– Good for road base, gravel, chip fill, rock, & topsoil

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Versa Rake – Rock Picking and Rock Sifting Bucket for Arenas, Landscaping, Rock Removal, and soil conditioning. 

Rock sifting buckets manufactured to meet the requirements of horse arena owners to maintain a soft, lofty consistency of the arena. Or for any other light farm rock or debris duties.

The Versa Rake is a Rock Picking and Rock Sifting Bucket that meets the need for a relatively inexpensive rock clearing bucket. Very simple and effective. Closer tine spacing than anything we know of on the market – and adjustable. Removable rods allow very small to basketball size rocks to be sifted from lofted arena floors, landscape preparation areas and more.  You can set it to sift from 1/2″, remove rods to increase the rod spacing. Not a digging bucket or suitable for prying, but it is built sturdy. It will go a few inches below grade depending on loft of soil, dirt or sand.  Also a great clean up bucket for the farm and construction sites.

Made for skid steers and lightweight tractors approximately with loaders.  Also available in three point box blade model. If your tractor does not have a standard skid steer mount you can get an adapter from Equipmentland. Unit will also work with mini excavators equipped with an XBoom.

Available for mini skid steers in 36″ and 42″ widths, skid steer models 60″, 72″ and 80″ and box blade model for three point hitch.

185MI-36 36″ Mini Rake w Universal Compact Quick-Tach  36″ W (inside), 330 lbs $2195
185MI-42 42″ Mini Rake w Universal Compact Quick-Tach  42″ W  (inside), 350 lbs $2350
185-60 60″ Versa Rake w Universal Skid Steer Quick-Tach  60″ W  (inside), 800 lbs $3550
185-72 72″ Versa Rake w Universal Skid Steer Quick-Tach  72″ W  (inside), 900 lbs $3580
185-80 80″ Versa Rake w Universal Skid Steer Quick-Tach  80″ W  (inside), 1,000 lbs $4150
185-Box Versa Box Pull Behind Implement for Tractor 3-point $3990

Units in stock for immediate delivery.


Order Online, upon checkout use the code “EQLVersaBucks” (without the quotes) for $100 off. It’s OK  to contact us for any question or to order by phone, but it’s
$100 off  when you order online.


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