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Fork Mounted Hitches

– Spotter Size: 36″W x 40″L
– Accepts Fork Sizes: 6″W x 2.5″ Thick
– Maximum lift capacity or tongue weight 2,000 lbs
– Maximum trailer capacity 10,000 lbs
– Includes Pintle Hitch
– Includes Pintle Hitch
– Spotter Size: 22″W x 40″L
– Accepts Fork Size: 6″W x 2.5″ Thick
– 90 Degree Turn Angle
– Maximum trailer capacity 10,000lbs
– Maximum lift capacity or tongue weight 2,000lbs
Offset Left EURO Style Hitch
Offset Right Universal Skid Steer hitch
Offset Left Universal Skid Steer hitch
– Pockets accept forks up to 2.5″ thick and 6.5″ wide.
– 3,000 lb. lift capacity at 38″ load center.
– Maximum trailer capacity is 5,000 lbs
– 22 inches wide and 40 inches long
– Ball not included
Skid Steer to 3-point hitch (cat 2.) adapter kit
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Suitable for the following carriers
PFM Post and Tree Puller with Self-aligning Jaw Clamps PFM200 30

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