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Timberwolf Forestry Tree Shears 14″

Dymax 14″ Forestry Timberwolf Tree Shears are the toughest, best-engineered skid steer forest harveting tree shears made and feature two heavy duty grapple arms. An accumulator arm is also available for bunch cutting multiple trees.

Dymax 14″ Forestry Timberwolf Tree Shears feature solid cast shear arms and new and improved blade adjustment and stop mechanism which makes blade adjustment a breeze and replacement a snap.



– Double Grapples
– Near Ground Level Cutting.
– Extremely powerful shearing cylinders
– Easy hose routing to hard-line shearing cylinders
– 3″ chrome plated pivot pins
– Replaceable CATERPILLARxae bushings and seals
– Blades can be realigned anywhere in the field
– 2250 lbs


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