UB Breaker Hammers


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UB Breakers Hammers are Equipmentland’s choice for a quality breaker at an affordable price. For years, Equipmentland customers have enjoyed the reliability of UB breakers. Feel confident you will receive professional service. Designed and built as the newest generation of breakers, providing machine-friendly, self-absorbing dampening with only two moving parts (valve and internal hammer). All UB hammers of greater than 2,000 ft. lbs (UB 307 and above, have a shock absorbing accumulator. UB provides a one year parts and labor warranty. In addition, UB is a cradle-style hammer for easier take down if necessary to rebuild, and is field serviceable.
If you are considering purchasing a used hammer, consider the real advantages of a new UB hammer. With any hammer, operator treatment dictates the life of the hammer. An inexperienced operator can quickly and shorten the life of any hammer or breaker on the market today. If you would like to rest assured with a quality breaker then a new UB hammer may be the solution for you.

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