Equipmentland is the prevailing dealer of Cantherm and Arcotherm heaters for North America, including the US mainland, Canada, Alaska, or export. Cantherm (AKA Arcotherm) heaters are made in Italy and distributed in North America. A full line of accessories are available, quick delivery and excellent technical and customer service. From the smallest direct-fired unit to Jumbo units of 900K BTU, Cantherm indirect-fired heaters are very popular. High CFM airflow, reliable burners and circuitry make these units very popular. Equipmentland is a leading seller and advisor of heaters to meet your need. Contact your Equipmentland sales rep today for the best quote you can get, even less than buying direct.

10% Off Cantherm EC 300

– Was $3,169.00 now $2,869.00
– Heat Output: 306,000 BTU
– Air Flow: 880 CFM; Heat Rise 150 deg. F.
– Heat Output: 113,000 BTU
– 2.18 GPH; 27.7 Gallon Tank; 110V, 60 Hz
– Pneumatic Tires, Fuel Gauge, Preheated fuel filter
306K BTU Indirect Fired Oil Heater CAN EC300

10% Off Cantherm EC 100

– Was $1,523.00 now $1,299.00
– Heat Output: 113,000 BTU
– Fuel: Burns Diesel, Kerosene, Fuel Oil, JP-8, Jet A Fuel
– Electronic flame control
– Safety overheat thermostat and pressure switch
113K BTU Indirect Fired Oil Heater CAN EC100

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