Amulet Manufacturing of Rathdrum Idaho makes leading thumbs, rakes, tilt buckets, couplers and other heavy equipment attachments for excavators and backhoe loaders.


Amulet PowerClamp

Like the thumb on your hand, the PowerClamp allows the excavator to grasp objects, making it an indispensable tool for demolition, land clearing, scrap handling, as well as log or debris loading. The Amulet PowerClamp increases your excavator’s abilities.

-Model specific,  -140 degree rotation


Amulet PowerBrute  

Amulet PowerBrute

The Amulet PowerBrute is an affordable and solidly built hydraulic thumb that fits most makes and models of machines old and new. Features an independent main pin and universal two-tine design, the PowerBrute allows for quick and easy bucket changes.

-Fits a wide variety of both old and new models



Amulet B.R.U.T.  CT Model or NITRO series

Amulet’s Best Rigid Universal Thumb is built to for demolition, rip rap, land clearing, scrap, etc. the CT Series thumbs are designed for those who do not require the independent control features of mechanical HoeClamps or custom configured hydraulic PowerClamps. When not in use, all CT model thumbs are designed to store as complete units tightly against the stick.

Amulet’s severe duty NT series rigid Nitro thumbs are now available for base machines ranging from 20,000 – 100,000lbs. The Amulet Nitro thumb is the ideal solution for demolition, land clearing, as well as scrap and log handling projects.

-Fits a wide variety of both old and new models



Amulet HoeClamp

The Amulet HoeClamp is a quality built, pin-on, full motion thumb that fits most standard and extendable stick backhoes up to 30,000lbs. The HoeClamp requires no additional hydraulics on the backhoe.  For construction, rock handling, land clearing, demolition and excavation projects, the HoeClamp gets the job done.



Amulet Mini-Hitch

The Amulet Mini-Hitch is the perfect quick coupler for mini-excavators from 2,000 – 10,000lbs. Changing buckets and attachments can be done quickly and easily by simply pulling a single pin. Built to last and offered at a unbeatable price, the Amulet Mini-Hitch is without a doubt the choice of mini-excavator operators across the country.

-Includes Free Set of Pins

-Model specific,  -140 degree rotation



Amulet HoeMate

The Amulet HoeMate rake is a heavy-duty thumb attachment. Built to fit most machines to 80,000lbs.

The HoeMate Rake Grapple replaces the bucket. The HoeMate, when used with Amulet’s rigid, mechanical, or hydraulic thumbs provides an economical way to create a grapple in minutes without the investment of limited or dedicated clam or “orange peel” grapples

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