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Used Chinook Heater

Skid Steer Concrete Mixer STAR140

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Product Description


Skid-Steer Concrete Mixing Bucket


- Star "Scoop-N-Mix" Mixing Bucket
- For 1600 lb skid steers and up
- High flow not required.
- 9 cu. ft, 1/3 cu. yd. capacity
- Max coarse Aggregate: 3/4"
- Reversible revolving paddles
- 50" W x 35" H x 30" D
- Weight (empty) 890lbs

The design of the new Scoop-N-Mix permits the skid-steer's tilt cylinders to rotate the mixer into a bucket loading position. This Skid-Steer Concrete Mixer combines the advantages of a loader and a concrete mixer into one piece of equipment that provides the most efficient and economical way to produce small quantities of thoroughly mixed concrete, transport it to often "difficult to reach" pour sites, and then put it in place. Rotate the mixer into a bucket loading position. The design of the new Scoop-N-Mix permits the skid-steer's tilt cylinders to rotate the mixer into a bucket loading position.  This allows sand and gravel for the mix to be scooped up, as with a loader bucket, eliminating the back-breaking labor of loading by hand.

Rotate the mixer to its upright mixing position. The tilt cylinders then rotates the mixer to its upright mixing position where bags of cement are broken into the mixer using the built-in bag splitter.  Water is then added and within a few short minutes concrete is ready for placement. Discharge Concrete. Concrete can be discharged in one of two ways through a mechanical lift gate on the side of the mixer and down a chute, or by simply tilting the mixer down with the tilt cylinders and discharging out the top.  Either way, the speed and quantity of discharge can be easily controlled. The SCOOP-N-MIX is the fastest and most economical way to produce small volumes of good quality concrete.

Ready-mix companies don't want to deliver less than full truckloads of concrete, and even if you can get small quantities delivered, you will pay a much higher price and will probably be the last on the delivery list.  With the Scoop-N-Mix and your skid-steer, you can  produce good quality concrete within minutes and without the back  breaking labor of hand loading a mixer.  You will have concrete when you need it, where you need it, and at a very economical cost.

The Scoop-N-Mix features a new improved design. This new design incorporates a revolving paddle mixing action, a system far superior to augers when it comes to producing quality, well mixed concrete.  The revolving paddles are driven by a strong hydraulic motor thru a dependable chain and sprocket drive.  The hydraulic motor is powered by the auxiliary hydraulics of the skid-steer.  The standard auxiliary hydraulic kit on most skid-steers is very adequate - high flow kit is not required.  The chain and sprocket drive takes the shock-load off the hydraulic motor, eliminating most any chance of damage to the motor, thus greatly extending hydraulic motor life.  Neoprene pads protect paddles and are adjustable and reversible for longer life.  "Abrasion Resistant" steel drum shell construction provides long drum life. From Star Industries