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Forestry Equipment


Equipmentland has a growing lineup of equipment and attachments for forestry type applications. Included are mulchers, tree pullers, tree shears, shear blades, grapples, and a variety of useful tools for forestry. Whether it be farm, agricultural, forestry, construction, commercial applications, riparian and beach clean up. If you don't see what forestry equipment you are looking for, feel free to give us a call.


Wood and Stump Shear for Excavators   

The excavator shears are ideal for splitting and cutting stumps, logs, ties, poles and roots.


Rotating Log Grapples

Heavy Duty log grapples are designed for severe service such as pull through de-limbing, swamp logging and shovel logging. The log grapples come in many sizes and shapes adapted to various log and tree length handling situations. Sorting, loading, unloading, etc, and are often used with a dead heel or live heel for efficient tree length handling. They are designed to be installed on knuckleboom loaders and rubber-tire or track excavators converted for logging.


Post and Tree Puller

The rugged PFM Post and Tree Puller is a simple, economical approach to pulling posts and trees. Designed to pull trees from 1" to 6"; diameter and posts from 1" to 12" diameter with the high lifting capacity on both tractor 3 point and skid steer loaders. The result is excellent performance in most conditions.


Rotary Disc Mulcher

The most versatile type of forestry equipment to cut and mulch brush and trees. Recently developed, these units are the most efficient way to clear underbrush for fire prevention in the forest.


Vassar Tree Shears for Skid Steers and Tractors

Tree Shear blades are heavy duty specially developed and angled for best cutting performance. The tree shears are carried on heavy duty steel bars for extra strength. Blades can be sharpened as needed with hand grinder.


Tree Shear Attachments

  • Land Clearing
  • Skid Steer Tree Shears
  • Dymax Ranch Axe
  • Lone Star Special 20” Land Clearing Tree Shear
  • Dymax Timberwolf Tree Shears


MDS Log Hitch

Heavy equipment could cause permanent damage to delicate, natural woodlands. Now, you can harvest logs gently and efficiently with a 3-point tractor, with minimal disturbance of the environment. Safe, inexpensive MDS log-hitches provide a high-carry skid for clean logs and reduced wood-lot damage.