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Used Chinook Heater

Buckets, Specialty


Rakes and Rake Type Buckets

Vassar Rake Type Grapples, Skid Steer Rakes, Scoop Rakes, Loader Rakes with Top Clamps. Great for land clearing, raking brush, piling trees and limbs, tack logs, large rocks, sorting materials and more.

 Amulet Tilt Bucket

Amulet Tilt Bucket   

The Amulet Tilt Bucket has a full 90 degrees of tilt, 45 degrees each way. Tilt Buckets are ideal for Grading and Shaping. Standard side taper allows for bucket clearance through crowd action. Heavy duty double-acting hydraulic cylinders are fully guarded.


Rock Sifting Arena Bucket

This  Horse Arena Bucket is a fine sifting bucket developed to meet the demands of Equipmentland.com customers. Offering closer tine spacing than anything we know of on the market. Lightweight tines without a rock dam allow very small to football size rocks to be sifted from lofted arena floors, landscape preparation areas and more.


Screening Buckets for Skid Steers

The PFM Screening Bucket is ideal for commercial and residential landscaping, farms, industrial uses, golf courses, baseball fields, beaches and many other applications. It will screen dirt, gravel, sand, demolition debris, large rocks and many other materials.


Roller Compaction Bucket

A full lineup of vibration type compactors designed for extreme-duty applications, built to deliver maximum vibratory force. Select the unit the fits your carrier. An important factor is selecting one large enough for your need, and one that will acommodate the down pressure of your particular carrier.


Tine Rock Buckets

60 inch, 72 inch, and 84 inch tined rock buckets fit all skid steer loaders. With 2.5" of spacing between the 1.5" diameter tines the rock buckets are great for rock picking and landscaping. The hardeneed steel tines are easily replaced and held in place with one bolt. Segmented stone dam is removalbe and holds rocks in back of the bucket while allowing fines to escape.


Squeegee and Crumbling Blades for Backfill

Easily slide over any size teeth on any brand of machinery, just hook up the chain and pull the binder. You'll never leave teeth marks in your client's yard or cut sod from using the side of your bucket.When you need a ditch for laying water mains, or footings for concrete, a smooth-bottom surface is necessary. Typically you would need to hand crumb the bottom of a ditch, but our Crumbing Blade is all that's needed to obtain a clean, smooth surface.


Sand Buckets for Backhoes and Tractor Loaders

Designed specifically for gravel, sand, light soils, ash, any lighter materials. High capacity and lightweight high strength alloy steel allows operator to use the entire power of the machine. Round bottom for top loading trucks and flat bottom for basements and trenching.


Multi Purpose Fork Bucket - PFM-500-55

Fits most skid steer loaders with bi-directional auxilliary hydraulics.

- Weight:930 lbs. 
- Hydraulics: 2" bore x 20" stroke cylinder


Oversized Litter Buckets for Skid Steer

From 72" to 96" Buckets Available. Oversize skid steer bucket with 40" bottom; 40" back. Larger capacity than a snow bucket typically having 37" bottom, 24" back. Also known as a Turkey Litter Bucket as used on turkey farms. Fits all newer style Bobcat type quick-tach.


Loflin Four in One Buckets for Skid Steers

Available in five sizes, this versatile skid steer attachment is ideal for dozing, grappling, leveling, digging, loading, and dumping. Like having four attachments in one, it's constructed of industrail strength cylinders and cutting edges for a longer life on landscaping, municipal, construction or demolition jobs.


Arrow Max Grapple Bucket

Heavy duty grapple buckets made by Arrow Material Handling. These grapple buckets fit skid steers and most tractor loaders. 42" openings for greater capacity, four grapple arms on two grapple assemblies, with 2" hydraulic cylinders. Heavy duty grapples on pallet forks for skid steers, telehandlers and loader backhoes.


Spike Tine Buckets with Grapples

Spike tine Buckets are good for scrap, demolition, frozen refuse, etc. Heat treated tines. Shown with optional grapple. This grapple is also available for mounting on buckets.